General Equipment

Item                                    Cost     Weight               Item                                        Cost       Weight             Item                                    Cost         Weight

Bedroll                               1sp       5 lb.                     Hammer                                5sp         2 lb.                   Pick, miner’s                    3gp          10 lb.

Bell                                      1gp      *                           Ink, writing (per vial)        8gp        *                         Piton                                   1sp           ½ lb.

Blanket, Winter               5sp       3 lb.                     Inkpen                                    1sp         *                         Pole, l0ft.                           2sp           8 lb.

Block and Tackle            5gp      5 lb.                     Ladder l0ft.                          5cp         20 lb.                 Ram, portable                  10gp        100 lb.

Caltrops                             1gp      2 lb.                     Lantern, common               1sp         l lb.                    Rope, hemp (50 ft.)         1gp          10 lb.

Candle                                1cp       *                           Lantern, bull’s Eye             12gp      3 lb.                   Rope, silk (50 ft.)             10gp        5 lb.

Canvas (per sq. yard)    4sp       l lb.                      Lantern, hooded                  7gp        2 lb.                   Sealing wax                       1gp          l lb.

Case, map or scroll         8sp       ½ lb.                    Lock, Very simple               2gp        l lb.                    Sewing needle                  5sp           **

Chain (per ft.)                  5cp       2 lb.                     Lock, Average.                    10gp      1 lb.                   Signal whistle                   8sp           *

Chalk ( 1 piece)               1cp       *                           Lock, Good                           80gp      1 lb.                   Signet ring or seal           5gp          *

Coins                                  --          1/100 lb.             Lock, Amazing                    150gp 1 lb.                     Sledge                                 1gp          10 lb.

Crowbar                            2gp      5 lb.                     Manacles, Average             5gp        2 lb.                   Soap (per pound)            5sp           l lb.

Firewood (per day)         1cp       20 lb.                   Manacles, Good                   50gp      2 lb.                   Spade                                  2gp          8 lb.

Fishhook                            1sp       **                         Mirror, small metal            10gp      ½ lb.                  Spyglass                           1000gp      1 lb.

Fishing net, 10ft. sq        4gp      5 lb.                     Oil (1 "‘pint flask)              1sp         1 lb.                   Tent                                    l0gp         20 lb.

Flint and steel.                 5sp       *                           Paper (per sheet)                 4sp         *                         Torch                                  1cp           l lb.

Grappling hook               8sp       4 lb.                     Parchment (per sheet)       2sp         *                         Whetstone                         2cp           l lb.


Food and Lodging

Item                    Cost     Special

Rations, trail    5sp       1 day’s worth of rations weighs l lb. Includes foods like jerky, cheese, dried fruit and nuts.

Wine                   2sp       1/2 gallon. Enough to fill 1 wineskin.

Inn, good           3gp      1 day’s stay with semiprivate rooms and good food and drink.

Inn, common    1gp      1 day’s stay in a decent tavern with a separate common room to sleep in.

Inn, poor           5sp       1 day’s stay in a common room with a big soup pot over the fire.

Feed                    5cp       10 lbs. of grain to feed a horse for 1 day. Without this feed the horse must take time to graze.

Stabling             5sp       1 day's stay includes a stable, feed and grooming.


Mounts and Tack

Mount                            Cost         Capacity                                Item                                Cost        Weight

Donkey                           8gp          50/100/150                             Barding, Medium       2X                1X

Pony                                30gp        75/150/225                             Barding, large              4X                2X

Mule                               50gp        230/460/690                           Bit and Bridle              2gp              llb.

Riding Horse                75gp        150/300/450                           Collar and Leash        1gp              ½ lb.

Draft Horse                  200gp      230/460/690                           Saddle, pack                 5gp              15 lb.

Light War Horse         150gp      200/400/600                           Saddle, riding               l0gp             25 lb.

Heavy War Horse       400gp      300/600/900                           Saddle, exotic               30gp            varies, usually 25 lb.


Containers and Carriers                                                                               

Dry Goods         Cost     Weight       Holds              Liquids                           Cost     Weight       Holds                                                          

Backpack          2gp          5 lb.         100 lb.             Bottle, glass, wine       2gp          l lb.          1 ½ pint .       

Barrel                 2gp          30 lb.       250 lb.             Bucket                            5sp           3 lb.         2 gallons        

Basket                4sp           1 lb.         40 lb.               Flask                               3cp           ½ lb.        1 pint

Chest                  2gp          25 lb.       40 lb.               Jug, clay                        3cp           9 lb.         1 gallon             

Pouch, belt        1gp          1 lb.         8 lb.                 Mug/Tankard, clay    2cp           l lb.          1 pint                 

Sack, empty      1sp           ½ lb.        50 lb.               Pitcher, clay                  2cp           5 lb.         ½ gallon            

Saddlebags        4gp          4 lb.         30 lb.               Pot, iron                         5sp           10 lb.       1 gallon             

Satchel               2gp          2 lb.         15 lb.               Vial, ink or potion      1gp          *               1 oz.                    

                                                                                         Waterskin                     8sp         l lb/4 lb     ½ gallon

Wagons              Cost      Weight      Holds                 

Cart                    15 gp       200 lb.     ½ ton               Quivers                           Cost         Weight   Holds            

Sled                     20gp.       300 lb.     1 ton                Quiver, bolt                   5sp           l lb.          20 bolts          

Wagon                35gp        400 lb.     2 tons              Quiver, arrow              1gp          2 lb.         20 arrows


Armor Types Defined

Item                        Description

Padded Armor     A vest or coat of quilted cloth or soft leather with padding.

Leather Armor    A vest or coat with hardened leather plates attached for added protection.

Chain Mail            A shirt of interlocking metal rings that covers the torso and to mid arm and mid thigh.

Banded Mail         A suit made of strips of metal plating on a leather backing. Strips of hardened leather cover the arms

                                 And thighs.

Half Plate              A suit made of metal plates held in place with leather straps. It covers the arms and legs.

Full Plate               A full suit of interlocking articulated plate armor. This is the best you can get.


Armor Chart                                Armor Max Dex                           Time to

Type                                               Bonus      Bonus   Cost      Weight    Don/Remove

None or Outfits for Monks and Peasants                     0           +8            ??                 0 or 2 lb.         1 min/ 1 rnd

Outfits for artisans, Courtiers                     +1                +8        ??             3-6 lb.         3 min/ 2 rnd

         Entertainers, Scholars and Travelers                  

Outfits for Clerics, Royals, Explorers       +2                 +7         ??             7-12 lb.       5 min/3 rnd

         and Nobles

Outfit for Cold Weather                               +3                +3        8gp          12 lb.           2/1 min.

Padded Armor                                                 +3                +5        5gp          10 lb.           2/1 min.

Leather Armor                                                +4                +4        30gp        25 lb.           4/1 min.

Chain mail                                                        +5                +3        100gp      35/40* lb.   3/1 min.

Banded mail                                                     +6                +2        200gp      40 lb.           3/1 min.

Half plate                                                          +7                +0        600gp      50 lb.           10/4 min.

Full plate                                                           +8                +1        1500gp    40/50* lb.   10/4 min.

Shield, Buckler                                                --                  --          5gp          5 lb.             2/1 +2 to armor class

Shield, Medium                                               --                  --          10gp        7 lb.             1/1 +3 to armor class

Shield, Large                                                    --                  --          15gp        10 lb.           1/1 +4 to armor class

Helm, Small                                                      --                  --          10gp        4 lb.             1/1 Protects head.

Helm, Great                                                      --                  --          50gp        10 lb.           2/l See item description page??

Gauntlets                                                           --                  --          10gp        2 lb.             1/1 See item description page??

         Armor spikes                                           --                  --          +50gp      +10 lb.        See item description page??

         Shield spikes                                             --                  --          +10gp      +5 lb.           See item description page??

         Gauntlet spikes                                        --                  --          +5gp        + 1 lb.         See item description page??

*Where dual weights are given, the first is the apparent weight when worn. The second is the actual weight.

The time to don/remove is unassisted. That time can be cut in half with assistance or if you do not mind cutting

the straps on ,your armor.



Simple Weapons

Weapon           Size   Type      Dam  Cost Weight Range      Special                                                                                                                

Brawling            T          B          1-2       --          --              --          Melee or close combat. Bonus of +1 to +3 for using objects.

Cludgel*            S           B          1-4       --          2 lb.         --          Melee or close. Martial arts weapon.

Club*                  M         B          1-6       --          31b.         2           Melee or thrown. -3 at short range, no medium or long range.

Dagger               S         S/P         1-4       2gp      lIb.           2           Melee, close or thrown. Martial arts weapon.

Hand Axe          M         S           1-6       3gp      3 lb.         2           Melee, close or thrown. Martial arts weapon.

Quarter Staff   L          B          1-8       --          41b.         --          Melee only. Martial arts weapon.

Short Spear*    L          P           1-6       2gp      5 lb.         4           Melee or thrown. Martial arts weapon. This weapon has reach.

Short Sword     S         S/P         1-6       lOgp    3 lb.         --          Melee only. This can be any small light sword. MA Weapon

Crossbow          M         --          1-8       35gp    6 lb.         16         Missile only. -1 for medium range and -2 for long range.

Bolts (10)           T          P           --          1gp      1 lb.         --          It takes I round to reload a crossbow.

Dart                    T          P           1-3       5sp       ½ lb.        4           Thrown only.

Stone                   T          B          1-2       --          ½ lb.        4           Thrown only. If used while held, use brawling.


Martial Weapons

Weapon            Size     Type    Dam     Cost Weight Range    Special

Long Sword      M       S/P         1-8       15gp    4 lb.         --          Melee only.

Javelin*             M         P           1-6       1gp      2 lb.         6           Melee or thrown.

Morningstar*   M         B          1-8       8gp      4 lb.·        --          Melee only.

Long Spear       L          P           1-8       5gp      9 lb.         --          Melee only. This weapon has extra reach.

Rapier                S           P           1-4       8gp      2 lb.         --          Melee only. Uses dex mods to hit and damage.

War Hammer M         B          1-6       12gp    8 lb.         3           Melee or thrown.

Whip                   S         S/G        1-2       1gp      l lb.          3           Melee range 2 or 3 only. Use dex mods to hit and damage.

Scimitar             M         S           1-8       15gp    4 lb          --          Melee only. Martial arts weapon

Short Bow         M         --          --          30gp    2 lb.         12         Missile only.

Arrows (10)      P           --          1-6       1gp      2 lb.         --          The same arrows are used for all bows.

Sling                    S           --          --          5sp       0 lb.         10         Missile only.

Bullets (10)        --          B          2-5       1sp       2 lb.         --          Stones are at 1-4 damage.

Battle Axe*       M       S/B        1-8       5gp      7 lb.         --          Melee only.

Glaive                 L        S/P         1-10     6gp      8 lb.         --          Melee only. This weapon has reach.

Pick                     M         P           1-6       2sp       6 lb.         --          This is a tool.


Heavy Weapons

Weapon           Size     Type     Dam    Cost Weight  Range     Special

Bastard Sword* L   S/P         1-8       35gp    10 lb.       --          Melee only.

Flail'                   M         B          1-8       15gp    8 lb.         --          Melee only.

Great Axe          L          S           1-12     20gp    15 lb.       --          Melee only. This weapon has sweep.

Great Club        L          B          1-10     1gp      12 lb.       2           Melee or thrown. -3 at short range, no medium or long range.

                                                                                                               This weapon has knockback and sweep.

Great Sword     L       S/P/B      1-12     50gp    15 lb.       --          Melee only. This weapon has sweep.

Halberd             L        S/P         1-10     10gp    10 lb.       -            Melee only. This weapon has reach.

Lance                  L          P           1-10     10gp    10 lb.       --          Melee only. This weapon has extra reach.

Mace                   L          B          1-10     3gp      8 lb.         --          Melee only. This weapon has knockback and sweep.

Maul                   L          B          1-10     15gp    20 lb.       --          Melee only. This weapon has knockback.

Long Bow          L          --          --          75gp    5 lb ..       20         Missile only. Same arrows as a short bow. +1 to damage.


Exotic Weapons                                                                           

Weapon               Size    Type      Dam    Cost     Weight   Range     Special   

Nunchaku             S           B          1-8       2gp          2 lb          --          Melee only. Martial arts weapon.

Ranseur                 L        P/G        1-10     10gp        l2 lb         --          Melee only. Martial arts weapon. This weapon has reach

Sai                           S           P           1-4       3gp          2 lb          --          Melee or close. Martial arts weapon. +2 to AC if used to parry melee weapons.

Katana*                 M         S           1-8       35 gp       4 lb          --          Melee only. Martial arts weapon.

Falchion                 M       S/B        2-7       6 gp         6 lb          --          Melee only. Has the same damage properties as an Axe.

Sap                          S           B          1-2       1gp          l lb           --          Melee or close. This is a brawling weapon

Bola                         M       G/B       1-3       3gp          4 lb          6           Thrown. In melee, -1/1-6 bashing. In close, +1 grappling

Net                           M         G          1-2       5gp          5-10 lb    2           Melee or thrown

Net, Fighting        M       G/P        1-3       10gp        7-12 lb    2           Melee or thrown

Shuriken                T          P           1           lsp            1/10 lb     2           Thrown only. You can throw up to three at once.

Lasso                      M         G          0       As rope   As rope      2           Thrown only. grappling

Blowgun, Large   M         --          --          4gp          4 lb          10         Missile only

Blowgun, Small   S           --          --          1gp          l lb           5           Missile only

Needles (10)          T          P           --          2sp           l lb           --          These cause no direct damage.


         A character with access to one of these categories of weapons can use any weapon in that category unless some are strictly

prohibited. If a character tries to use a weapon outside of their access they get a –4 to hit and damage.

* These weapons can be used 1 or 2 handed. 2 handed increases the damage 1 category.


Item descriptions

         The following are descriptions of the different items available for purchase. They are grouped in the same order that they are found in the equipment list.



         Different characters may want different outfits for various occasions. The following are standard dress that people will be in.

         Artisan's outfit: A shirt with buttons, a skirt or pants with a drawstring, shoes and perhaps a cap or hat. This outfit may include a belt or leather apron for carrying tools.

         Priest's outfit: Ecclesiastical clothes for performing priestly functions, not for adventuring.

         Cold Weather outfit: A wool coat, linen shirt, wool cap, heavy cloak, thick pants or skirt and heavy boots. When wearing a cold weather outfit, add a +5 circumstance bonus to fortitude saves vs. cold weather exposure.

         Courtier's outfit: Fancy, tailored clothes in whatever fashion happens to be the current style in courts of the nobles. Anyone trying to influence nobles or courtiers while wearing street clothes will have a hard time of it. Without jewelry (costing perhaps an additional 50gp), you will look like an out of place commoner.

         Entertainer's outfit: A set of flashy, perhaps even gaudy, clothes for entertaining. While this outfit looks whimsical, it's practical design lets you tumble, dance, walk a tightrope or just run (if the audience turns ugly).

         Explorer's outfit: This is a full set of clothes for someone who never knows what to expect. It includes sturdy boots, leather breeches or a skirt, a belt, a shirt (perhaps with a vest or jacket), gloves and a cloak. Rather than a leather skirt, a leather over tunic may be worn instead over a cloth shirt. These clothes have plenty of pockets, enough to hold 5 lbs. This outfit also includes any extra items you may need, such as a scarf or a wide brimmed hat. When wearing an explorer's outfit, add a +3 circumstance bonus to fortitude saves vs. cold weather exposure.

         Monk's outfit: This simple outfit includes sandals, loose breeches and a loose shirt. It is all bound together with sashes. Though it looks casual, the outfit is designed to give you maximum mobility. It is made of high quality fabric. You can hide small or tiny weapons in the folds (2 lbs.). The sashes are strong enough to be used as short ropes, depending on your style, the outfit may be decorated with designs that indicate your lineage or philosophical outlook.

         Noble's outfit: This set of clothes is designed especially to be expensive and to show it. Precious metals and gems are worked into the clothing. To fit into the noble crowd, every would-be noble also needs a signet ring and jewelry worth at least 100gp or at least appearing to be worth that much. It would be advisable not to show up to a ball in the same noble’s outfit twice.

         Peasant's outfit: A loose shirt and baggy breeches or a loose shirt and skirt or overdress. Cloth wrappings are used for shoes.

         Royal outfit: This is just the clothes, not the royal scepter, crown, ring and other accoutrements. Royal clothes are ostentatious with gems, gold, silk and fur in abundance.

         Scholar's outfit: A robe, belt, cap, soft shoes and possibly a cloak.

         Traveler's outfit: A wool skirt or breeches, sturdy belt, shirt and possibly a vest, boots and an ample cloak with a hood. When wearing a traveler's outfit, add a +2 circumstance bonus to fortitude saves vs. cold weather exposure. This outfit has enough pockets to hold 3 lbs.


Class Tools

         Alchemist's lab: This includes many beakers, bottles, mixing and measuring equipment and a miscellany of chemicals and substances. This is the perfect tool for the job and gives a +4 to alchemy checks.

         Artisan's tools: This is the set of special tools needed for any craft. Without these tools you have to use improvised tools if you can do the job at all. With improvised tools, you suffer a -4 to any craft check. Masterworks tools give you a +2 to craft checks.

         Climber's kit: This is special pitons, boot tips, gloves and a harness that aids in all sorts of climbing. This is the perfect tool for climbing and gives you a +2 to climbing checks.

         Disguise kit: This is a bag containing cosmetics, hair dye and small physical props. This is the perfect tool for disguise and gives a +2 to disguise checks.

         Healer's kit: This kit is full of herbs, salves, bandages and other useful materials. The kit also includes three curved needles (often made of gold to prevent rust) and a spool of white or black silk thread (50 ft) to be used to stitch up gaping wounds. This kit gives a +4 to heal checks.

         Holly and Mistletoe: Sprigs of holly and mistletoe are used by rangers and druids as the focus for their spells. Holly and mistletoe are easily found in the wild and sprigs are harvested for free. These materials are slowly used up in the casting of spells that require material components and these spellcasters are assumed to constantly replenish their supply. In a situation where these things cannot be replenished, one pound of holly and mistletoe will act as the focus for 100 spells.

         Holy Symbol: Holy symbols are used by Priests as the divine focus for their spells and as tools for turning or controlling the undead. They are made of rare woods and precious metals. What it is made of makes no difference except as a status symbol. The symbol for each type of priest is specified in the class description for that priest. These are not used up in casting spells.

         Hourglass: A pair of glass bulbs mounted in a frame and filled with fine sand. When turned over, it takes exactly 1 hour for the sand to drain from the top bulb to the bottom bulb.

         Magnifying glass: This simple lens allows an up close look at fine details. It gives a +2 bonus to search attempts. It is also useful as a substitute for flint and steel. It requires light as bright as direct sunlight and requires 1 full minute to start a fire.

         Musical Instrument: Popular instruments include flute, pipes, lutes, mandolins or any, easily portable instrument. A masterworks instrument is of far superior make and gives a +4 bonus to perform checks when using it.

         Scale, merchant’s: This scale includes a small balance and pans and a suitable assortment of weights. A scale gives a +2 bonus to appraise checks involving items that are valued by weight including anything made from precious metals.

         Spellbook: A large leather bound book that serves as a wizard's reference. A Spellbook has a hundred pages. Each spell takes 1 or 2 pages.

         Thieves tools: These are the tools you need to use to disable devices and pick locks. The kit includes one or more skeleton keys, long metal picks and pries, a long nosed clamp, a small hand saw and a small wedge and hammer. Without these tools, you have to improvise tools and you suffer a -2 penalty on your disable device and pick locks checks. Masterworks tools contain extra tools and tools of better make. They provide a bonus of +2 on disable device and pick lock checks.

         Water Clock: This large bulky contrivance gives the time accurate to within a half an hour per day since it was last set. It requires a source of water and it must be kept still. It marks time by a regulated flow of droplets of water. It is primarily an amusement for the wealthy and a tool for the student of arcane lore. Most people have no way to tell the exact time and there is little point in “knowing” that it is 2:30 PM if no one else does.


General Equipment

         Bedroll: Adventurers never know where they’re going to sleep and bedrolls help them get better sleep in a hayloft or on the cold ground. A bedroll is bedding and a blanket thin enough to be rolled up and tied. In an emergency it can double as a stretcher. Without a bedroll a character must make a fortitude save for cold weather exposure at night.

         Bell: A bell makes a light noticeable tone when shaken.

         Blanket, winter: A thick quilted wool blanket It is needed in the late fall, winter and early spring.

         Block and Tackle: A block and tackle allows you to lift or pull up to four times you normal maximum.

         Caltrops: A caltrop is a small metal spike designed so that one point is always pointing up. About half a dozen are cast in an area in hopes that your opponent steps on one or at least has to slow down to avoid them. One pound of caltrops will cover 2 hexes. Each time a creature moves into or spends a round fighting in an area covered by caltrops, the caltrops get an attack roll (+0) against AC 10. Natural AC bonuses apply and heavy boots give a +2 bonus. If the attack succeeds, the creature has stepped on one and takes 1 point of damage. His movement is reduced to 1/3 until the caltrop is removed. A charging or running creature may fall into the next hex without a balance check. A creature that falls into caltrops will get 1-6 attacks against his normal AC and will clear that hex. A creature can avoid caltrops by moving at 1/2 speed through the area. The DM will judge the effectiveness of caltrops against unusual opponents. For example, a giant centipede can scramble through caltrops with no chance of injuring itself and a giant wearing giant sized boots is immune to caltrops. They just get stuck in the soles of his boots.

         Candle: A candle clearly illuminates a 5 foot radius and burns for 4 hours.

         Canvas: A sturdy waterproof cloth for a variety of uses.

         Case, map or scroll: A capped leather, ivory or bone tube for holding rolled pieces of parchment or paper.

         Chain: Chain has a hardness of 10 and 5 hit points. It can be burst with a strength check DC 26.

         Chalk: Useful for making marks on floors and walls. A typical piece of chalk is a half inch thick and about four . inches long.

         Crowbar: An iron bar for prying things open.

         Firewood: Enough wood to keep a small fire going for 24 hours.

         Fishhook: A barbed hook used for catching fish.

         Fishing net: A net useful for catching fish.

         Flint and Steel: Striking the flint to steel creates sparks. By knocking sparks into tinder you can create a small flame in about one minute.

         Grappling hook: When tied to the end of a rope, it can secure the rope to battlements, windows, tree limbs and so forth.

         Hammer: This is a one handed hammer with an iron head that is useful for pounding pitons, nails, crowbars, etc.

         Ink, writing: This is black Ink. Other colors cost twice as much.

         Ink pen: A wooden stick with a special tip on the end. The tip draws ink when dipped in a vial and it leaves an ink trail when drawn across a surface.

         Ladder: A straight simple ladder.

         Lantern, common: A lamp (3 hex radius of light) that burns for six hours on a pint of oil. It burns more evenly than a torch but can spill easily. You can carry a lamp in one hand.

         Lantern, Bullseye: A lantern (12 hex beam of light) with a single shutter. The other sides are highly polished to reflect the light forward. You can carry this lantern in one hand. It burns for six hours on a pint of oil.

         Lantern, Hooded: A lantern (6 hex radius of light) with shuttered sides. It casts it’s light in all directions. You can carry this lantern in one hand. It burns for six hours on a pint of oil.

         Lock: A lock is worked with a large bulky key. The DC of opening this type of lock depends on the lock’s quality.

         Very simple (DC 20)          Average (DC 25)         Good (DC 30)           Amazing (DC 40)

         Manacles: Manacles can bind a medium sized creature. They have a hardness of 10 and 10 hit points. Manacles require locks to hold them shut or can be riveted into place. Manacles for anything but medium sized, creatures must be custom made.

         Mirror, small metal: A small polished steel mirror is handy when you want to look around comers, signal someone with reflected sunlight, keep an eye on the medusa around the corner or make sure that you look good enough to present yourself to the queen.

Oil (1-pint flask): A pint of oil bums for 6 hours in a lantern. You can pour it on the ground. It will cover 1 hex and burn for 2 rounds. This does 1-3 points of damage per round to each creature in the area.

         Paper: A white sheet of paper made from cloth fibers.

         Parchment: Goat hide or sheepskin prepared for writing on.

         Pick, miner’s: Tool for digging through hard dirt or rock.

         Piton: When a wall has very few handholds you can make your own by driving in a piton. It is a steel spike with an eye through which you can loop a rope.

         Pole, 10 ft.: Useful when you suspect a trap and would rather put the end of your 10’, pole through a hole in the wall than your hand.

         Ram, portable: This iron shod wooden beam is the, perfect tool for battering down doors. It not only gives you a +2 bonus to break open a door but it allows up to three people to help you, each adding +2.

         Rope, hemp: This rope has 2 hit points and can be burst with a successful strength check DC 23.

         Rope, silk: This rope has 3 hit points and can be burst with a successful strength check DC 24. It is very supple.

         Sealing wax: A colored wax for sealing documents.

         Sewing needle: A small metal needle for repairing clothing.

         Signal whistle: A signal whistle can be heard up to 200 hexes away.

         Signet ring: Your signet ring has a unique design carved into it. When you press the ring into the sealing wax you leave an identifying mark.

         Sledge: A heavy two-handed hammer.

         Soap: For those occasions when you really need to be clean, such as before meeting the queen.

         Spade: A basic digging tool for soft earth ..

         Spyglass: Objects viewed through a spyglass are magnified to twice their size. This doubles the range at which one can identify objects.

         Tent: This simple tent sleeps two.

         Torch: A wooden rod capped with flax soaked in tallow or oil. A torch clearly illuminates a 4 hex radius and bums for two hours.

         Whetstone: A whetstone is vital for keeping slashing weapons sharp. After a week's worth of use, Slashing weapons get a -1 to hit and damage and will continue to get duller as they are used.


Mounts and Tack

See the monster manual for more detailed information on these beasts of burden.

         Donkey or Mule: The best pack animal around, a donkey or mule is stolid in the face of danger, hardy, sure-footed and capable of carrying great loads over vast distances. They do not balk at entering tunnels.

         Pony: The preferred beast of burden of the smaller folk, the pony conforms in most respects to the description of horses.

         Riding or draft horse: This is the most common role of the horse. Horses will not enter tunnels.

         Light or Heavy war horse: These are riding and draft horses that have been bred and trained for combat. Light horses do well in the skirmish role and heavy war horses do well in massed groups. For a footman, a charge of heavy cavahy coming toward you is a fearsome thing to see. Barding is often used to provide increased protection for war horses.

         Barding for medium and large creatures: Barding can be made in the same configuration as any human armor for any creature of any size. The most common is for war horses. Use the stats for human armor of the appropriate type. (ie. padded barding for a horse costs 20gp, weights 20 pounds and has an armor bonus of +3. Full plate barding for a horse costs 6000gp, weights' 100 Ibs, wears like 80 Ibs and has an armor bonus of +8. The same cost and weight factors can be applied to armor made for any special creature.

         Bit and Bridle: This is required to control any medium or larger creature unless it is very well trained.

         Collar and leash: This is required to control any small or smaller creature, unless very well trained.

         Saddle, Pack: A pack saddle allows a place to secure a load to a creature. It will hold as much weight as the creature can carry. It does not provide a place for a rider ..

         Saddle, Riding: A riding saddle steadies the rider. Without it, the rider suffers a -6 to any ride checks.

         Saddle, Exotic: An exotic saddle is a riding saddle for anything besides a horse.


Containers and Carriers

Dry Goods

         Backpack: A leather pack carried on the back, typically with straps to secure it. It takes I minute to retrieve something from a backpack.

         Barrel: A wood and metal sealed container.

         Basket: An open top light container usually woven of straw or some light material.

         Chest: A wood and metal bound box with a lid. They usually have a latch for a lock.

         Pouch, belt: This leather pouch straps to your belt. It is good for holding things that you may need in a hurry such as potions or spell components. Items can be drawn from a belt pouch as part of the action that uses the item such as casting a spell that requires a material component.

         Sack: A draw string sack made of burlap or a similar material. It takes I minute to retrieve something from a full or half full sack.

         Saddlebags: A pair of leather bags designed to drape over a saddle. It takes 3 rounds to retrieve something from a saddlebag.



         Bottle, wine, glass: Standard glass wine bottle.

         Bucket: Usually made of wood and watertight.

         Flask: Small glass bottle, somewhat fragile.

         Jug, clay: A basic ceramic jug fitted with a stopper. It holds I gallon of liquid.

         Mug, Tankard, clay: This is a standard drinking mug.

         Pitcher, clay: A large container for liquid.

         Pot, iron: A small cooking pot.

         Vial, Ink or potion: This is the-standard container that a single dose of potion would be found in. They are small, have a tight stopper and are sturdy.

         Waterskin: A leather watertight bag with a narrow neck used for holding water.



         Cart: A two wheeled wagon that can be pulled by a single' horse mule or donkey. It comes with a harness.

         Sled: For use on snow and ice. It can be pulled by a single horse mule or donkey. It comes with a harness ..

         Wagon: A four wheeled wagon. These are used for heavier loads and require two or more horses. It comes with a harness.



         Quivers, Arrow or Bolt: A holster that can hold about 10-15 arrows or bolts where they can be accessed easily.



Weapons are divided into 4 categories: simple, martial, heavy and exotic. Complete weapon details are shown on the weapons part of the equipment chart.


Armor and Shields

         Padded: This armor features quilted layers of fabric or soft leather and padding. It gets hot quickly and can become foul with sweat, lice and fleas.

         Leather: The breast and shoulder protectors of this armor are made of leather that has been stiffened by boiling in oil. The rest of the armor is softer and more flexible.

         Chain Mail: This armor is made of interlocking metal rings. It includes a layer of quilted fabric underneath it to prevent chafing and to cushion the impact of blows. Several layers of mail are hung over vital areas. Most of the armor's weight hangs from the shoulders, making chain mail uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time. It includes gauntlets.

         Banded mail: This armor is made of strips of metal plating on a leather backing. Strips of hardened leather cover the arms and hang around the waist to cover the thighs.

         Half Plate: This armor is a combination of chain mail ' with metal plates' covering vulnerable areas. Buckles and straps hold the whole suit together and distribute the weight but the armor still hangs more loosely than full plate. It includes gauntlets.

         Full Plate: This armor consists of shaped and fitted metal plates riveted and interlocked to cover the entire body. It includes gauntlets, heavy leather boots and a visored helmet. You wear a thick layer of padding underneath it (included). Buckles and straps distribute the weight over the entire body, so while full plate is actually as heavy as . half plate, it hampers movement less. A suit of full plate must be individually fitted to it's owner by a master, armorer. Captured suits can be resized to the new owner of the same size (Ie. medium) at a cost of200 to 800 gp. Table 10 shows two weights for full plate armor. 40/50 ' means that it encumbers the wearer by.40 lb. although the armor itself weighs 50 lb.

         Small Shield: A small shield straps to your forearm and you can grip it with your hand when in combat and It is lightweight enough for you to carry other objects in that hand such as a torch, lantern or rope when you are not using it in combat. All shields can be used to bash for 1-2 points of damage.

         Medium Shield: A medium shield straps to your forearm and you have to grip it with your hand. It is to heavy for you to use that hand for anything else. All shields can be used to bash for 1-2 points of damage.

         Large Shield: A large shield straps to your forearm and you have to grip it with your hand. It is to heavy for you to use that hand for anything else. All shields can be used to bash for 1-2 points of damage.

         Helm, Small: This is a metal cap that allows your head to share the same AC as the rest of your armor up to chain mail. Without a helmet, your head does not gain the benefit of the armor you are wearing.

         Helm, Great: This is a large heavy helmet that allows your head to share the same AC of your armor that is heavier than chain mail. This item gives you a -2 to visual based spot checks. Without a helmet, your head does not gain the benefit of the armor you are wearing.

         Armor Spikes: When added to your armor, the spikes' allow you to make an attack with any part of your body that does 1-3 points of damage. This is considered a heavy piercing weapon of small size: Grappling someone with armor spikes caused the attacker to suffer 1-2 damage each round they maintain the hold. In the case of magic armor, the spikes are considered as magical weapons equal to the armor's bonus even though they have no real bonus to hit or damage. The spikes can be made into magic weapons in their own right.

         Shield Spikes: When added to your shield, the spikes allow your shield to do 1-4 damage when you use the shield to bash with. This is considered a martial piercing weapon. In the case of a magic shield, the spikes are considered as magical weapons equal to the shield's bonus even though they have no bonus to hit or damage. The spikes can be made into a magic weapon in their own right.